Elven Ranger


Goron’s Tunic
Jagged Starshadow Blade
2 Waterskins
Picks and Clamps
Vampyric Gauntlets
Grappling Hook
Flint and Steel
Quicksilver Widow’s Knife
Red Ink
Ring of the Shadow Guard
Fishhooks & Line
Potions of Water Walking
Iron Pot
Travel Papers
Boots of the Dance
Canvas (2 sq. yrds)
House Ring
Natural Herbs & Spices
4 Bottles

Hover Boots
Goron’s Tunic (leveled up)
Jagged Starshadow Blade (leveled up)
Brimstone Cloak



Personal Goals/Motivation
Taking down his chosen quarry during a hunt brings him an untold satisfaction.

Lanin does not speak of his upbringing. From time to time he will mumble something about his earlier life and then trails off. He had a father, he had a mother – as so many of us do. The only stories you can pull out of him are of his early adventuring days when he traveled with a winter wolf companion, Ralis. The two roamed the northern forests, never settling in one place for too long. One day he crossed paths with other adventurers and joined their ranks to provide a more stable lifestyle for himself as he continues on his travels. Lanin and Ralis split paths when the journey took them to a warmer climate and too far from Ralis’ territorial grounds. As Lanin continued on with these new adventurers, the vision of his original intentions became skewed. Darkened. The promise of power and ways to overcome all hardships and defy even death itself consumed him. He still kept his original intent on adventuring, just with a new way to accomplish these ends.


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