tl,dr adventure

Teal deer version of the adventure thus far:

appear in past
in wizard Acererak’s tower
kill undead guards
notice necromancy
learn about Acererak
confront wizard after avoiding traps
kill wizard
leave to find a way home

stay at tavern for week in woods
receive letter from burgomaster
arrive at Barovia
zombies everywhere
find Ashlyn fighting undead
learn of Ashlyn’s two companions

fight way to church
find Myra – Ashlyn’s companion
find source of zombies
eliminate zombie threat

meet Ismark and Ireena, burgomaster’s family
go to encampment outside of town
talk to Madame Eva
learn about Sunsword and the Holy Symbol of Ravenkind
hear of Strahd
search for items

talk with Ireena about Holy Symbol
find Sunsword in cemetery
visit store
hear of Tome of Strahd
search for mountain info

meet Barry and receive map up mountain
get lost in mountains
follow map
reach Lysaga Hill

meet Hoggle
fall into oubliette
fight off inhabitants
travel underground to find a way to the surface

follow rolling orb to an old crippled man
man casts off disguise, reveals himself as Strahd
Strahd interrogates Hoggle, then casts orb into shadows
loud rumbling – corridors start collapsing
party hastily navigates underground nearly dying

climb up into courtyard
hear roar
find hairy beast hanging from a tree, being tortured
kill torturers and free beast

go through doors into dark forest
get lost in forest
get hunted by bird-beasts
chased and trapped by wall
Hoggle throws a rope over the wall, party climbs up

crawl down shoot, enter Pit of Eternal Stench
jump chasm and notice person on bridge
navigate around bridges guardian
find inner city of Lysaga Hill
fight construct and arbalester guarding the city
Startin making trouble in my neighborhood
I got in one little fight and my mom got scared
She said ’You’re movin’ with your auntie and uncle in Bel Air’

Ashlyn found a few things of interest in Dannovich‘s journal that she wishes to share with you.
Mad Mary is locked in a closet. Her daughter’s status is currently unknown.
Ireena gave an address of someone who has been spotted traveling to the mountains. (tpse 49hn left from can)
•Find Ashlyn’s other companion, a fighter named Mathilda.
•Find the Holy Symbol of Ravenkind, and activate it along with the Sunsword
•Enter Castle Ravenloft

tl,dr adventure

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