Primal Spirits

These are revered by Tralorr!

Though many followers of the spirit way plant crops, some stay constantly on the move and subsist only on what nature has to offer. The elder spirit named EarthWheel provides for such tribes, offering bountiful food to sustain them on their journeys. When these tribes are in harmony with Earth Wheel’s turning, their travels become part of the area’s natural pattern. With the spirits of that area in harmony, whole fields of herbs, berries, and fruits ripen just in time for the arrival of the tribes that depend on them.
Their relationship with EarthWheel inspires some tribes to maintain consistent migration patterns; these tribes show little tolerance for outsiders who impinge on the territories and routes they have marked out. Tribes that rely on Earth Wheel to supplement their hunting activities are more accepting of strangers. Tribes that depend solely on EarthWheel for their survival treat their bounty as a sacred trust and can be dangerous if challenged.

Great Watcher
Great Watcher is a mysterious, formless spirit who is said to see and hear everything that takes place on the surface of the world. She carries the winds of change across the world, paints the leaves in autumn, and brings omens and signs of the future to those who know how to watch. She is revered for her prescience and insight, and shamans call upon her when they try to discern what the future holds. Those who understand nature’s constant change emulate Great Watcher by observing that change without being swallowed up in it.

Carver lives in the final moments of each wave it breaks along the shore. However, his name a presence are invoked even far from the ocean, this spirit represents the ceaseless rolling power of nature that carves the world into its ever-chang shape. Of the primal classes, wardens are the likeliest to be drawn to Carver’s combin of power and grace. For coastal tribes, Carver is symbol of bounty and change-the ocean constantly wearing away the land even as it supplies sustenance and casts its treasures on the shore.

The Primal Beast
The spirit known as the Primal Beast plays a part in the power of every primal class. Countless other beast spirits are at large in the world, but the Primal Beast taps into an ancient, raw strength that is the equal of any magic of the gods.
The Primal Beast is a predator from the dawn era, when the first sentient races were just another kind of prey for the mighty beasts. The Primal Beast has no love of mortals. The heroes who can call on this spirit are treated as fellow predators- lesser members of a hunting pack that can tear gods to shreds and feast on their remains. Lesser mortals do as little as possible to draw the Primal Beast’s attention, and adventurers who flaunt their connection to this mighty spirit might quickly find themselves feared and shunned.
Fear of the Primal Beast has a far-reaching influence on the lives of many people who follow the primal spirits. By tradition, some folk of the spirit way do not raise herd animals as food, for all primal tribes tell tales of how the Primal Beast sends the world’s greatest predators against such herding folk. To the Primal Beast, animals are for hunting, for riding, or for companionship, and tribes that attempt to upset that natural order pay the price. Those people who do raise livestock tell stories of great ancestral heroes who won a reprieve from the wrath of the Primal Beast, or perhaps a divine sanction that protects them from the Primal Beast’s wrath.

Primal Spirits

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