Eladrin Warlock



Translocating Snakeskin
Eladrin Boots
Blackleaf Gloves
Bracers of Escape
Eldritch Medallion +4
Ring of Dimensional Escape
Eladrin Ring of Passage
Planesplitter Longsword +4
Rod of the Feywild +4



Zaruth comes off as absent minded, often getting his party mates names wrong. This if often seen a sign of his advanced age, but in reality it is simply because they are not attractive enough for him to bother remembering. A rather laid back man most of the time, the quickest way to provoke the rage that seethes under his calm facade is to bring a paladin around, though Zaruth has never clarified as to just why they enrage him so. There is also an air of superiority around him in areas concerning his arcane adeptness, as instead of walking Zaruth always teleports as if to demonstrate his incredible control over the planes. This however, is another misconception of Zaruth, as he has merely forgotten how to walk in his ever increasing age. Zaruth can often be seen writing in a journal when in the company of women, but when asked about it he simply replies, “You’d have a better chance beating Avandra in a game of dice then seeing the contents of any of my tomes.”

Personal Goals/Motivation
Zaruth is a man motivated by one thing alone, beauty. One of his first adventuring memories is seeing a group of performers in his hometown of Anapa, as Zaruth became completely enthralled by a female human whom at the time Zaruth believed to be a wizard. Being a rather handsome and charming man, Zaruth began pursuing this woman, whose name he never learned. After discovering (through rather nefarious means such as peeping through windows) that not only was she not truly a wizard but instead a bard whose way with words had clouded his mind and married to a paladin at that, Zaruth set out looking for a wizard whose looks rivaled his own.



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