Human Fighter


Pinning Spiked Gauntlet
Spiked Gauntlet
Cloak of the Walking Wounded
Razordrake Scale Armor
Tattoo of Bloodied Chains
Double sacked bag of rocks dipped in pitch and tar
Flaming Greatsword
Snakekissed Greatsword

30 ft. of chain
1 Quarter staff
5 Daggers
Various Travelling Papers
1 Waterskin

To get stronger
Sandwalker Boots
Girdle of the Dragon


Pensive yet quiet. Works on a need to know basis, he only finds out what is necessary and doesn’t bother with the details.

Personal Goals/Motivation
To find people stronger than him and to defeat them in combat.

Mako grew up as a soldier’s child, he was always told to be tough so that he could follow his father into the battlefield. At the age of 11 his father died. Mako resented his father and felt betrayed because of how his dad boasted to be strongest and that he would never fall in battle. Now Mako relies on no one, not even weapons. He wields only his fists in his quest to become the strongest man alive and will stop at no lengths to wring the necks of those who think themselves mightier.


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