Chaotic Neutral Shade Executioner


Main weapon:

Various Poisons
Adventurer’s Kit
Climber’s Kit
Thieve’s Kit
Disguise Kit
Poisoner’s Kit
1 Raven’s Feather
12 daggers

Sandals of Precise Stepping
Shadowdance Gloves
Iron Armbands of Power
Skull Mask
Stormcatcher Ring
Ring of Winter
Forgemaster’s Gloves
Bag of Holding


Caeruleus (or as he is known) has a very carefree approach to life, this is a mix of a facade and his true nature. once in battle he is know to solo an monster, enjoying watching a monster die and knowing that he caused said harm.

Personal Goals/Motivation
Caeruleus’ goals are to perfect his art of poison use and weapons combat.

Back story
Caeruleus was taken at a young age by the guild of assassins known as the Red Scales. Caeruleus grew up in the walls of the Guild, learning skills that the Red Scales are know for. Caeruleus killed many targets in his time at the guild; never anyone of importance being only a fledgling assassin at the time but as he worked his way up he began to learn shadow magic and caught the eye of the Grandmaster of the guild. The Grandmaster began to contract him out. Caeruleus began to go on missions for the Grandmaster that bought him in contact with a rival group known as The League of Whispers. After one of the missions Caeruleus caught wind of a young princess traveling through the land, the princess was the daughter of a high ranking assassin in the League of Whispers. Caeruleus’s Grandmaster ordered him to kill the princess. Caeruleus will kill anyone he feels is a threat but refuses to kill if the target is to young to defend themselves. Knowing that the guild wouldn’t approve of him not taking a target out, Caeruleus ran, ever since telling no one of the guild. In this time Caeruleus, found interest in a new deity, Zehir. After about a year Caeruleus came out of hiding and met up with a group of monks, under which he continued his training learning to better use his surroundings, hide in his environment better and teleport. After about two years, he met up with his current group of adventures.


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