Saporé Incorporated

The Fortunes of Ravenloft

Waking in The Blood of the Vine Tavern, the party walked down the stairs and began talking to people in the bar. Arik, the owner and bartender, was not interested in their questions and told them to go visit the wise woman in the Tser Pool Encampment. A noble looking man was also not very helpful if even responsive. Upon the party showing him the Letter from the Burgomaster of Barovia, the man was much more talkative. He introduced himself as Ismark the Lesser, the son of the Burgomaster Kolyan Indirovich. He informed the party that the writing did not look like his late fathers, and told them to show it to his sister, Ireena Kolyana, if they did not believe him.

The party went to the Tser Pool to see the wise woman everyone in town kept talking about whenever questions were asked. They searched around and found Madame Eva. They entered her tent and she read the fortunes of what they sought after. She reveled great truths about the Sunsword, Holy Symbol of Ravenkind, and even Strahd himself. With the information, they ventured around Barovia to find these treasures and more information in order to bring down the mysterious Strahd.

Back at the church, Ashlyn repaired the building and looked around Dannovich’s study for more clues about the zombie plague he started. Ashlyn reported to the party she found a few interesting things in his journal, but was not sure how to handle them yet.

Later that night, a burial was held for the Burgomaster. The party stayed the night in Ireena’s house instead of paying the high price of a bed at the tavern once again.


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