Saporé Incorporated

The Church of Barovia

Arriving at the church and not a moment too soon, Mako barred the door behind them as zombies tried to break their way in. Turning around, they noticed a black reaver zombie, a ghast, and a banshee standing in the room coming for them before the adventurers could catch their breath. The party was almost knocked out before Ashlyn delivered a fatal blow to the banshee. She used lay on hands to heal the party as they looked around the church. Near the front of the church, a door each lie on each opposing wall. To the East, the priest Dannovich’s study. To the West, the stairs leading to the basement.

Downstairs had a dirt floor and brick walls, nothing like the elaborately furnished main floor. Four doors stood wrapping around the room. One lead to a black reaver zombie and his friends and a locked door. Lunia and Zaruth did not enter that room, however. After they listened to the other remaining doors, they wanted to see what was held by door number two. The feminine groan heard from outside was easily transferred to the tied up Eladrin in the closet. Myra Grimjow introduced herself and asked about her companions. Taken to Ashlyn, her wounds were healed as the friends caught up on recent events. Myra conveyed that she was locked up by Dannovich to keep her from interfering with any of his rituals to raise his dead son. The adventurers then ventured into the other rooms to destroy a hoard of zombies compacted into a small space and to find a key to enter Dannovich’s chamber.

The priest was surprised to find anyone entering the deepest part of the church, and was instantly frightful that the party was out to hurt him and his son. Strapped to a table was the priest’s son, obviously plagued as he sprawled about. Appearing hostile out of fear, Dannovich tried to get the party to leave him alone as he had the situation under control and would return his son to normal in a few days once the rituals were competed. After being approached, he went to plan B – attacking the party by pushing them back and knocking them over, but not doing damage. As the party still came closer, he resorted to using his divine blessings against them. Fighting vigorously out of passion and hysteria, he finally fell as did his son. The zombie plague seemed to be over as all the bodies began deteriorating.

Ashlyn and Myra stayed behind to care for the church, as the party sought rest for the night at The Blood of the Vine Tavern.


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