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A Letter From Barovia

Wandering around the landscape, the adventurers come across a group of buildings in the wilderness along a trail. They entered the inn to request rooms to stay. Being primarily a travelers pit stop, the owners were happy to oblige. During their stay, the owners requested stories of their adventures and games to pass the time all while the party worked at finding where and when they are located and how to get back. After staying for a week, a Visanti messenger walked in and immediately saw the adventurer’s gear and approached them. “Are you the adventurers who defeated Acererak? I have been searching for days to find you! Here, my master wrote this letter and required me to give it to you sight unseen! Now I can finally rest that my work is done.” The party was then handed and read the Letter from the Burgomaster of Barovia and planned what actions to take. After asking which direction to take, the party headed off.

Arriving At the edge of Barovia, everyone immediately noticed the severe lack of of people and the abundance of silence all around as the village was completely barren. Walking through town, it appears as it was completely abandoned. A low groan blew with the wind across the tree line. As it grew louder, Lunia noticed something moving quite fast towards them. Zombies surrounded the party in high numbers. As the zombies fell, more came to replace them. The party had a brief moment to rest when they heard a woman screaming. Running to the middle of town, they came across a make-shift barrier that was broken down in a few places. Flying out from behind a building and landing on her back was the familiar scream they heard before. A zombie hulk stepped out and tried to slam the victim it already threw. Seeing the party, she asks for help. As it became safe in the town square, she rallied some villagers hiding in their homes to come out and repair the barrier to keep back the hoards of zombies. She then introduced herself to the adventurers as Ashlyn, a paladin of The Lightbringers. Ashlyn came to Barovia in order to slay all the undead that have recently plagued the city. She also explained that her two companions went to the church of Barovia to investigate what has been rumored as the source of the infestation. The party agrees to escort her to the church and help her find her friends.


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